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The Texas Independent Automotive Association is a group of independently owned automotive repair and collision repair shops. Our primary goal is to better the automotive industry through student scholarship. The automotive business is constantly changing, there is a need for smarter technicians and smarter business owners, TIAA is trying to fill that need. We have scholarship fundraising events, business training events and we also have community service events.

Scholarships are given to students at community colleges in Texas that are studying Automotive Technology. The students are required to fill out a form and write a short essay stating why they would like the scholarship. One of the qualifying points of the scholarship is the student's desire to join an independent business or possibly start their own business. Most of our shops develop a working relationship with the local community college so we can participate in internship programs and hire qualified graduates.

TIAA hosts a few events each year. We have business management training, a scholarship picnic, a sholarship fishing tournament, a Christmas Party and every few years we host an event for the battered women's shelter. It's not mandatory that you participate in every event but the more effort you put in to TIAA, the more you will get out of it!

Independent shop owners have a lot on their plate. We have to keep up with changing technology, technicians, labor laws, EPA, IRS, the list could go on and on. It's easy for shop owners to think their shop is an island and nobody else is going through the same issues. As a group, TIAA members share information, struggles and victories. It's the strength of the group that makes our membership so special. If you join TIAA for that reason alone, you will join a group of the best Independetly owned shops in Texas!

Our website should have a lot of information on it regarding our various events and schedules. Please feel free to contact our director or any of our board members for more information.

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